Our Story


In honor and memory of loved ones we've lost

The lotus flower grows out of muddy waters. The flowers’ roots anchor it in the mud, but the flower rises above its murky environment, blossoming beautifully, opening one petal at a time. It overcomes the material world and emerges from the muddy waters of suffering to reach enlightenment and wisdom.

The flower also represents new beginnings. The flower emerges in the morning, only to close up at night and disappear back into the water. Each morning, a new blossom remerges and continues the cycle. The lotus is also an excellent example of remaining true to yourself and who you are. Regardless of the murky waters and environment, the lotus remains grounded, proud of what it is and yet still a part of its environment.

It all started with a man, a mission, and a goal

The man is Austin Johnson, his mission is to spread awareness for suicide prevention and open a dialogue for mental health, his goal was to run for 24 hours straight in hopes of raising $2,000 that he could donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Supported by his wonderful wife, Zoe, and their family and friends he undertook his run in the early hours of February 20, 2021.  Austin did not raise $2,000… he raised more than twelve times that amount, bringing his donations over $24,000 surpassing any expectations he could have ever imagined.

Having struggled with depression for much of his life, this cause is very close to Austin’s heart, and he felt like stepping up and doing something about it to get the ball rolling with anyone that cared to listen or pay attention.  James and Lindley Latham are two of the people he touched that day in February, having just lost a loved one to suicide the previous year.  Inspired by Austin and Run For Your Life, they reached out with an idea.

The Run For Your Life Suicide Awareness Run/Walk was born out of a deep sense of wanting to help as many people as possible struggling with depression or negative thoughts of suicide or mental health issues.  Austin, Zoe, James, and Lindley have the goal of making this event huge and bringing it back year after year so people can honor loved ones lost, loved ones struggling, themselves, or anyone else.